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What Are Schweels?

A better question would be "What aren’t schwheels?" In the literal sense, Schwheels are shoes… with wheels! But in a philosophical sense, Schwheels are freedom! Schwheels are liberty! Schwheels are a sense of self and a feeling that anything is possible!

How do they work?

Step 1

Insert foot into Schwheel.

Step 2

Insert other foot into other Schwheel.

Step 3

Attach safety pads (if applicable).

Who is Uncle Carl?

Allow myself to introduce myself, I’m Uncle Carl! Once upon a time, I was a non-trepreneur. After that, I became a want-repreneur. However, with the launch of this beautiful website, and my amazing products, I’m now a full-fledged entrepreneur!

It is my pleasure to bring you such high quality products, expertly designed and built to last! My team of Cousin Jerry, my wife Susan, and myself make up the Uncle Carl Dream Team of Entrepreneurial Excellence, or UCDToEE! Thank you for visiting my website!

Still not convinced?

Schwheels provide an unparalleled experience in transportation. The wind in your hair, the concrete under your Schwheel wheels, and the sense of purpose in your movement! Schwheels bridge the gap between normal shoes and regular automobiles.

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